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Lasting Durability & Beauty, Affordably priced!

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Garage Concrete Flooring Solutions & Concrete Coatings for Greater  Cleveland!

J&P Coatings LLC operates out of the Burton, OH area & proudly serves Northeastern OH & Northwestern PA.

  • Licensed & Bonded
  • Trained professionals in concrete Duralast®
  • Coating Installation. FREE ESTIMATES

Our philosophy is simple, to provide superior concrete coatinggarage flooring, commercial floor coating & installation, at an affordable price. At J&P, we are happy to provide Free Estimates, with One Price inclusive of both the residential floor coating & installation.

There are No Additional Fees with Duralast® Polyaspartic Coating. Once the Top Coat Application is complete & the floor is cured it’s finished. There is no need for annual resealing or expense.  Call us today to get a free quote!

Lasting Durability & Beauty, Affordably Priced.

Duralast® Polyaspartic Coating offers many benefits for your concrete flooring needs or repairs. Unlike other concrete floor products or repair options, no annual resealing is required, the non-porous surface prevents germs and mildew from penetrating the floor and with our Duralast® Polyaspartic coating sealing the floor, there’s no need to worry about loose or chipping rocks. *Duralast® Polyaspartic Limited Transferable Warranty. Everything is guaranteed with the exception of expansion cracks which are necessary for the floor’s integrity and expansion/contraction needs

Duralast® Polyaspartic Coating Benefits Include:

  • UV Stable
  • 5X Stronger than Epoxy
  • Will Not Chip or Peel
  • Salt & Oil Resistant
  • 1 Day Installation
  • 100% Anti-bacterial
  • No Hot Tire Pick-up
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Increase Curb Appeal –
  • Aesthetics of the home

Our Superior 6-Step Process

Lasting Durability & Beauty. Affordably Priced.

STEP 1: Preparation

The concrete is cleaned from any salt or oil residue by diamond grinding. All grinders are hooked up to vacuums to minimize dust.

step 2: Repairing the Concrete

Duralast crack filler is used to fill pits and cracks, then ground off smooth with grinder.

step 3: Apply Basecoat

Duralast's self priming 100% solids pure polyurea is applied to the floor.

Step 4: Full Broadcasting Chips

After an area has been base-coated, chips are thrown into the wet base-coat by hand, putting color and texture into the floor.

Step 5: Scraping the Floor

After the base coat is dry, the floor is scraped with steel blades, then vacuumed to be sure there are no loose chips on the floor.

Step 6: Top Coat

The last step is to squeegee, then roll out the UV Stable Polyaspartic topcoat.




Sale Ends Soon 08-01-2024

$500 OFF 3 car garage!
$300 OFF 2 car garage!

$500 OFF 3 car garage!
& $300 OFF 2 car garage!


$500 OFF 3 car garage!
& $300 OFF 2 car garage!